Villa d’Or makes deliveries by its own means to several European countries from its depot in Zelhem aux Pays-Bas. A delivery round is organized approximately every 2 months. To be delivered on one of the delivery rounds, the order must be placed at least two weeks in advance.

The aim of this exceptional service is to be of service to customers, knowing that carriers either don't accept or don't like bulky parts such as the central barrel and (especially) the handrail. Please note that deliveries are subject to certain conditions.

Delivery is made at the roadside, either in a parking lot or on the customer's premises, provided that the truck can park without obstructing other vehicles and can continue on its way afterwards, or make a U-turn. Nevertheless, Villa d'Or works closely with several carriers to ensure that your order is delivered quickly and correctly. In the case of delivery by carrier, payment must be made before departure from the depot.